Maria Guzvic

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Don't sing me happy birthday
Don't even bake a cake
Don't criticize each morning
For the decisions I may make
Don't fill me with hope
Don't drive me a dream
Don't promise the world
For which you don't mean
Don't look at me with sincerity
Don't confuse this with love
Don't utter words of deepness
To build my sights above
Don't show me a path
Don't point me the way
Don't expect me to follow
Come what may
Don't turn the key
Don't open the door
Don't offer comfort
You know I'll want more
Don't unlatch the gate
Don't provide me a garden
Don't smell me a rose
Then your kindness hardens
Don't wave generosity
Don't snatch away the other
Don't smile at my heart
Feelings I can't smother
Don't allow things to begin
Don't gaze at a yearning soul
Don't enrich someone's life and
Then devastate their whole

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