Beautiful Disaster

Health is the Most Important Thing on the Planet

Health is the most important thing on the planet
Which is why I, daily, eat a pomegranate
Or at least I would, if I truly believed that
Health was the most important thing on the planet
Or at least I might
Although I've never tried a pomegranate
But what good does a healthy body do
If it isn't holding a healthy soul?
They say health is important
And they stress fitness
And eating right
But even the healthiest body
Is ultimately reduced
Earthworm feed
Praise the earthworms
That these bodies
Which humanity focused on
So endlessly
Would not be completely wasted
Those “healthy” bodies
Still grew old
Still ultimately failed
Still decayed
Those healthy bodies
Will provide a healthy dose
Of rotting flesh
For healthy earthworms to dine upon
Enriching the soil
To allow healthy grasses to grow
Feeding healthy livestock
That healthy humans will ingest
To one day feed a bunch of healthy earthworms
Health is the most important thing on the planet
But it has nothing to do with eating pomengranete
It's the health of the mind and of the soul
That will result in a grander goal
Much more than feeding earthworms

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