Beautiful Disaster


Smiling down at her swollen stomach
An expecting mother sits with her husband
Excitedly discussing all that their unborn child might become
Such as a surgeon or a social worker
And like an idea, he is born
A beautiful baby boy

Parents do their best to provide him
With everything he needs
Signing him for everything:
Little Gym, Mommy and Me,
Swim Lessons, Karate,
Little League, Soccer,
Camps, Art class
Reading to him every night
Practicing letters and sounds
So that he can be all he can be
All that they know he can be
All that they want him to be
But as he gets older
And begins to make his own decisions
Picking out the clothes he'll wear
A studded belt and black t-shirt
Instead of the cotton, navy blue, collared,
Button down shirt and khakis
With a straight, brown leather belt
They keep trying to force him into
This mold they've created for him
The clean-cut boy
Who loves his Mom and Dad
And goes to church every Sunday
Who turns all his homework in on time
And always remembers to take out the trash
Who never argues about mowing the lawn
And cleans his room once a week
Who actively monitors his grade
Setting goals for himself
So he can get into UNC-Chapel Hill
And become a doctor.
But he isn't a “clean-cut” kind of boy
Not to say that he is bad
But he likes his hair a little longer
And he prefers dark shirts
He doesn't always do his homework
But they don't understand
How hard school is for him
But he could never ask for help
He goes to church to appease them
But it doesn't mean anything to him
The sermon is just empty words
He mows the lawn, when he is ready
And doesn't really care where he goes to school
As long as he can get away from home
he more they insist
The more he'll resist
And as they keep pushing
Pushing him into a mold
He obviously is not going to fit
They slowly sever the strands
Of their remaining relationship
With their beautiful baby boy

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