Beautiful Disaster

Health Nut (Radical Revision)

“Health,” he says with a sneer on his face “Is the most important thing on the planet.”
Casually he flexes his built bicep, muscle bulging. He glances back over his shoulder,
Winking at the guard on duty before sliding his shirt off the slim but athletic body.
Rolling his eyes after he scans the pool “Same damn thing every damn day,” he snorts.
Glaring at the mass consuming the last lane line, rolls of fat fall over the tight elastic of her suit,
Spending more time stopped at the end of the lane, red-faced and out of breath, than swimming.
After fifteen minutes, she struggles out of the pool, throwing the towel on her shoulders,
Scoffing, he turns to me, “Pathetic, huh?” I nod, sucking in my stomach until I'm light-headed.

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