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 Thin Gold Band

In the night
I unhooked the thin gold band
dangling from my wrist.
Each night it had brought me pain,
my left hand throbbing
my fingers numb and tingling...
The bracelet, a keepsake
keeping me in the uneasy bloom
of the past
where everything shone rose-colored
and possible,
but hid the crush and pall
of a dying flower.
In the morning
the throbbing had ceased,
the fingers, the hand restored
to their former vigor.
But the heart wore the thin gold band
the pain having traveled up the arm
finding itself a new home.

Copyright July 28, 2011 All Rights Reserved by Author
For Ann on the anniversary of her birthday.
Melissa A Howells / Meloo of Tilt-a-World

After being advised, I substituted "lair" for the word "home" at the end, let me know what you
think...yes or no? Does the longer vowel sound of the "o" sound better, and less macabre?

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