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 Just By Being...(thank you)

his songs, his words
are not mere trinkets
but gemstones
i wonder why
some men believe
they're indelible
but not him
he has learned to think
and he dreams
and he shines
with his heart
and the pictures of his deeds are in his eyes
a photograph of who
he is
and will always be
to himself
to family
to friends
like me
you know when you see
know when a man lies or stands
beside you and you breathe
his fine golden air
his grace
his smiling eyes
will make you care
for him
just by being
(thank you)

Copyright July 31 2011 All rights reserved by the Author

Writing simply today, in straight-
forward, honest language

Melissa A Howells Meloo of Tilt-a-World

Hey (is for horses) this is for you  Meloo
I still remember the night I met you. A full moon sky. Your hair shining silvery in the soft
light of the coffee house. Your eyes drew me in. I'd never seen eyes smile like that
brilliant, so green, so full of life and promise. Meeting you was/is a gift.

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