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 When We Begin....

it hangs on its crooked hook
tiny plaque
blood red
its junior high
is this mother's wisdom
Chinese wisdom?
someones words reminding me
nagging me, challenging me
here in the Palmolive daily dishes
to do, to be
someone more
than I am able
at this juncture
hot August air crushing
me at this late hour
dinner plates stacked like problems
I haven't solved yet
too young?
not experienced?
or plain naive?
is this
a call to action
a creed
or simply a motto to believe?
the words before my eyes read..
"How it improves
people for us
when we begin to love them."

Copyright July 31 2011
All Rights Reserved By Author

Melissa A Howells
Meloo of her very own tilt-a-world

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