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 Language of Enchantment




If God compared us to a flower,
What type would you contend to be?
Which flower is resillient?
Which fits your identity?

Does the blushing rose become you...
Sending out a soft perfume?
Are you perhaps a sweet carnation?
Or a lily in full bloom?

Does exotic fit your profile?
Like an orchid to beguile?
Would you pick a pretty pansy?
Exactly what type is your style?

Maybe you're a dapper daisy?
A sunflower wild and free?
Perhaps a gorgeous gladiolus
Or chrysanthemum could you be?

Whatever flower is your choice,
Could it compete with mine?
For I've chosen the real champion...
The ever doting dandelion!

But wait, you say, the dandelion
Is nothing but a weed!
Not in the eye of this beholder!
It is a very special seed!

It opens every morning
And it closes every night...
It's like God gave it direction
To determine which is right.

It will blossom in the desert...
Bloom on any mountain side...
In places where the delicates
Like roses have all died.

Determination's its agenda...
It's been seasoned to survive!
When you recognize its beauty
It is life personified!

It's persistant...it takes root
Holding firmly to the ground.
I would rather be a dandelion
Than any other plant around.

If God compared us to a flower,
Which would you prefer to be?
An orchid, rose, carnation
Or a dandelion like me??

Joyfully Presented,
Doris Jacobs-Covington
August 1, 2011

All men are like grass and all
their glory is like the flowers
of the field, the grass withers
and the flowers fall, but the
Word of the Lord stands forever.
1 Peter 1:24-25

"The sower sows the word"
Mark 4:14




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