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media overkill

maybe it's and age thing that just recently
I only seem to write about women and sex,
and maybe it's becoming a little boring
but I don't really mean to disturb or vex;
it's just in this world today where we just
seem to relish the vicious and the bad
it surely can't do any harm to think about
simple innocent pleasures there to be had.
and viva the difference
and viva the female form,
in all its variations from the
air brushed media norm,

and viva all the ladies
who've added joy to my life
and viva the understanding of
my long suffering loving wife.
so, when the latest guru expounds
his opinions biases and views
necessary to fill the airwaves in
this era of twenty four hour news,
or when they show the scenes of famine
or starvation and misery and degradation
in some third world dictator ruled,
but independent self exploited, nation

controlled by its local tyrant waving
his own military backed big stick
and so much of the aid donated
never reaches the poor and sick,
I'll turn off the haunted fish tank
to retreat into my erotic dreams
away from the media overkill which
tends to desensitise to me it seems.
and I'll think of all the joys of women
their smell their feel their touch their taste
with such pleasures there on offer to ignore
such a gift would be a such a sinful waste.

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media overkill