once upon a time

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Picture this I'm standing somewhere,
it doesn't matter where.
You may end up here.
It's a place I call intrigue.

In my mind governments, and bankers
Inhabit this Machiavellian place
They are the manipulators of  
Workers lives, the ‘nowhere people'
Reaping the rewards of devious acts.

Workers try to survive in the
Whereabouts of being
Told it's alright.
How can it be alright?
When foreclosure happen,and there
Is nowhere to go?

 Here we stand
On the edge, wondering,
Where shall we go?
The fat cats of intrigue
Sit in far off palatial rooms.

The workers feed from the
Scraps dropped from their tables.
Told we belong in foreclosure land
Knowing we shouldn't be
In this nowhere place.


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