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I  recall the first time I saw Scotty Ledingham
I was in awe of him

He was a master watchmaker
His hands and fingers were short and stubby

I often wondered how he could use the fine delicate
instruments when his fingers were so stiff looking

When he took a watch in his hands his fingers
became nimble and he worked his magic on the watch

 He was from  Edinburgh, Scotland
He spoke often of his motherland and the love he had for her

He spoke of his family still living there
how he longed to see them more often

He talked of the beauty of the mountains
The blue of the lakes - the fields of pink and purple heather

The smells in the air when spring began
The heat of the summers and brilliant colors in autumn

How the Golden eagle soared high in the sky
The seals and seabirds magnificent to see by the ocean

He told me of the church where he went as a boy
Of his mother who read the Bible to him and taught him to pray as a child

His accent was still very thick some words were hard for me to understand
By his life I knew he was a man to be trusted and honored

He was a genius at his craft a master watchmaker
I still am in awe of him

©Kathy Collier  8 - 2011


*I saw a photograph of a church on Linda Harnett's site,  MISTY VEIL
My Scotland Glencoe & Isle of Skye  is the name of the poem
 it was one of the photographs  she had taken of the Isle of Skye
Her photo of the church made me remember my friend, Scotty Ledingham and the
 church of his youth.  In my mind's eye I saw it the way he described it to me.


 Please visit Linda's sites
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Thanks Linda,  for allowing me to paint your photo.



©Kathy Collier  8 - 2011


music:  Water is Wide - Mark Hanson

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