childhood abuse (my story using rhyme) 
  Natalie Rawlings

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 fear to live

I am more scared of  living,
Than I am of dieing.
at just 25 years old to have a stroke,
whatever could of envoked?
This seriously is no joke for me,
with a really weak left arm and leg,
and a blot clot which burst inside my head.
so why did i live through all this,
why couldnt of i have just died
This is how I feel right now,   have no reason to lie.

I am more afraid of living,
Than I am of dieing.
Have no more strength for giving,
No more tears for crying,
This cruel fate I've suffered for what may I ask.
My stregnths been fully tested,
And know my body needs some resting,
I can no longer do for myself,
simple tasks that should be easy.
No i had to learn to walk and talk again,
Which has been no easy tasks my friends.
So why have i come this far to want to give up,
You would think I have done the hardest part but its all still tooo rough.
Big huge mountains to climb, stormy seas lie ahead,
So many more triumphs to face before my time to lay my head, before my time for death.
t's just not my time to rest.

although i am more scared of living,
than i am of dieing.
i have to remain stong and keep on giving....My all

Copyright 20011 Natalie RAWLINGS

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