once upon a time

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I'm in this room, no particular room.
Just a living room. Now I could get gloomy
Though why should I?
This room no different today than yesterday.
It's a room as good as any place I have ever been.
Lovely garden to look out on.

Okay now. Here I'm sitting at my computer typing
I realize you are not really interested in this room.
If you dwell in this room and think,
Okay this is where I live. Ain't anything wrong but ah ha
We have that little but and it's telling me
Maybe there is something upsetting me sitting here typing
Counting lines in a poem, setting the words down in
Microsoft town. Ah ha
There is 'but again. Strange little fellow that but.

Got a life of his own. Now what is it telling me?
Let's see. Look around and say okay, here we are.
Now what are we doing in this room?
Avoiding the world, nope. Sitting, thinking and typing
Knowing all's okay in my world. Now were was I?
Oh yes, in my living room typing and looking at my garden.

Well, did I succeed in my aim? To write a pointless poem.

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