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El-Hajj Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin first
became politically active while attending college.
The Imam, then known as H. Rap Brown, became
a student activist for social change and later a field
director for the Student Non-Violent Coordinating
Committee (SNCC).

Selflessly, in this capacity, he worked just a few
years short of a decade before spending a few
brief months in the Black Panther Party (BBP).

The corporate driven, Racist, Muslim Hating
ameriKKKan media depicted this gentle soul for
social justice as a dangerously radical Black
Nationalistic Islamic Extremist, but nothing could
be further from the truth.

Our beloved Imam is a loving father, husband,
brother, friend, business owner, social activist,
lecturer, teacher and Spiritual Leader who has
been conspired against, vilified by the press and
falsely convicted of a crime of capital proportions.

It has been eleven years since this miscarriage of
justice occurred and Imam Jamil sits in prison
for a crime he did not commit.

As a Muslim and as an Imam he worked tirelessly
on all social fronts. As an anti crime activist he
helped in ridding his community of drug related
activities, gaining the admiration and respect of
his neighbors. He worked relentlessly for the
betterment of not just his Atlanta neighborhood
but the entire city.

Another case of "ANY NIGRA WILL DO." Imam Jamil,
this honorable man was falsely convicted in the
shooting of two Fulton County (Atlanta) sheriff's
deputies. The victims initial reports clearly exonerates
the Imam giving credence to the Imams statement
of innocence.

The surviving deputy officer told police investigators
that his assailant had been wounded. A blood
trail was confirmed by the Atlanta police forensic
investigators at the crime scene. There is no DNA
evidence that links the Imam to the blood at the
crime scene nor fingerprints linking him to the crime.

Imam Jamil was arrested three days after the officers
were shot. The investigating police evidenced not a
single physical sign of the Imam having been wounded
in any shape, form or fashion ... not even a scratch.
Never should he had been arrested ... let alone convicted.

There is no dispute that the deputies were shot.
And that was a tragedy for them and their families.
It is even more of a tragedy to convict an innocent
citizen of such a horrendous crime especially when
someone else confessed to being the killer.

Otis Milton Jackson of The Black Liberation Army (BLA)
laid out in a written confession why and how he
(Otis Milton Jackson) actually shot the two Fulton
County Deputy Sheriffs.

Imam Jamil's only crime seems to be the fact that he is
Muslim, Male, Black and Articulate ... "The Quadruple Threat!"
Another police witness reported that the suspect had grey
eyes. Imam Jamil’s eyes are a deep dark brown. Through
judicial skullduggery an injustice has been perpetrated
against an innocent man.

It seems that Imam Jamil has become the Mu‘mia Abu Jamal
of the new Millenium.




Habib Abu Lateef

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