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Somebody Get Me Off This Buck Wild Ride

They got me pressed down in this heat
working 9 to 5 man
Gotta be a mathematician in the streets
just to survive is what I'm saying
Got hammers on my feet, listen to these beats
My children gotta eat
Chaos trying to bum a ride again
Staring at my paycheck, d'mn life's tough
A few hundred short, need a plan sho'nuff  
These politicians ain't sh't,
working in the puppet master's pit,
making these fat leeches rich
while they telling us lies my friend
They said you need to vote
if you wanna change things,
but the more things change
the more they stay the same  
This is Ancient Egyptian slavery,
Jesus come save me
The leaders are involved in robbery
They are wet fish slippery
Life is a hard song...reality is home...
Trying to measure right and wrong
Nowhere to hide in this cold-hearted land
These politicians on a mission
I can smell what's cooking in the kitchen
This back and forward b'tchin,
don't buy what they're pitching
Somebody get me off this buck wild ride
         and give me a hand
    if you know what I'm saying
The system is broken
by a bunch of weak back tokens
Fix it or get the h'll out sellout

Copyrights 2011
Robert Anthony James

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Somebody Get Me Off This Buck Wild Ride