The soul has much to say

Metaphor...of the Wolf: Uprising


Feral to the extreme
It doesn't hurt anymore
Autumn moon
is fast approaching
Been awhile, since I ran with the pack
Changes within me
Ever more the savage...stronger, faster
My dreams on the cutting edge
Attraction growing stronger
Something's pulling me into the night
Blending of the souls
Never felt like this before
...I like it
Under the midnight sun
she crouches on the horizon
Rapid heartbeat
She longs to feed with me
and more
I am my own clan
Yet, I struggle to deny her
She rushes toward me
as if to conquer
I stand my ground
Her fierceness
is to be admired
Her pace slows
as I rise to full height
Her primal instincts wane
She lies
upon the grass
I take my place
above her
...commanding her surrender
We never touch
Before becoming one
we must hunt as such
A test of devotion
She's be by my side

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Metaphor...of the Wolf: Uprising

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