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What Is With The Bicycle?

I don't know. I remember
I was a visitor once on that
Beach; yet, I was the last

To arrive. That was pathetic.
I was. So I bring a cup of
Tea and throw it on my mouth

And drink alcohol with all
Inhibitions; But, hey, I was. The
Last. Still, the last. If the bike

Were such huge wheels, I would
Take a ride all the way to the
Treasure. Excuse me. I am desperate.

What about the love of my dad?
I will go with the farewell. It
Is hard. I don't want to go
With him. Oh boy, don't ever.

Push me! On the road. Do not ever!
What about the ravage! The childhood
Regret of being stupid! I regret I

Won't ride with the waters and
Fishes. I am sorry. It doesn't make
Any sense. I still remember.

I may dance with the Hawaiian.
Nay, the mark of him ravishing
Me takes time to be forgotten.

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