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Madam opened up the door

And I slipped in from the night

Down an airless narrow corridor

Under a very subdued light

In this house of carnal pleasure

Where for the appropriate fee

One of madam’s girls would

Provide her services for me


She looked so very young

Too young really for sale

But the coldness of her eyes

Told a very different tale

No frills or foreplay

This was a bargain ready made

She helped with my undressing

Then began to ply her trade

In spite of my misgivings

I felt a certain thrill

As she moved her hips 

With a very certain skill


I felt such a release

But also a sense of shame

As I left the room of

The woman with no name

Madam opened the door and

After checking left and right

I slipped surreptitiously

Back out into the night

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