The soul has much to say

Surrender...Ramblings of a found man


A rainbow at night
Words of a full
figured orchid
Like pouring honey
in my ears
The space between lips of longing

Eternity before a kiss
The last cool spot
on the bed
A drop of wild berry ice cream
falling on my lap
Running an ice cube
along her soft neckline
...the epitome of summer
Finding my place
in His kingdom
Abundant harvest of adoration
Loved ones and friends
A smiling little girl believes
I'm a large teddy bear
Comfortable in my own skin
Being blessed by the gift
of encouragement
Paying it forward
with just as pretty, a bow
No grey areas
No motives
Genuine affection for my Lord
Sweet addiction
A taste for my immortal
Practical hunger
or insatiable appetite?
Decisions, decisions
Solving the riddle
Swallowing you whole
I'm not alone
but in complete surrender
My heart is growing fuller
by the second
Rising to heights
I ramble on
Pilgrims of a rainfall
the coldest
Often times
the most refreshing
Replenishing, what was lost
So it may be...again

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Surrender...Ramblings of a found man

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