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Burnt Keepsakes

I remember when I set you on fire,
Willow burned,
Roses bled,
Demons searched for new bodies to possess
Angels flew off, then clocked out
I stood there while
Content patted me on the back
And Joy kissed my forehead
“Welcome to life,
away from here…”
No more deception,
No more wonder,
No more uncertainty.
immortal poems tucked away
time passed
and then
as days had gone on,
repeated memories played
in real life
visions haunted me
time threatened to choke me
and everyone came back hoping
to revise this forsaken place
I squeezed Joy's hand
and made the conscience effort to
recollect Content in hopes to make a run for it
but today, something forced me to look through the windows
and open the door to the place where
it all burnt down
the lack of oxygen filled it's domain
the old wishing well stood, damaged and cold


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Burnt Keepsakes