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 In Love

The years have slowly passed;
They said it would never last.
Each day has enriched my life;
That I spent with you as my wife.

I fell in love back in seventy-five;
Like the tides, freshness revives.
Richer, fuller, depth in our roots;
Delicious and sweet are our fruits.

Romance still touches my heart;
Passion inflames and it all starts.
No, it is not like the first time;
But to greater heights we climb.

Love grows with attention and care;
In love; yes, I am always there.
A sense of presence, not wishing;
Acceptance of what is, not fishing.

Two souls have grown into one;
 Together with you is so much fun.
Time constraints and life interferes;
But we are not wet behind the ears.

Our sails are set, our rudder strong;
Our adventure is one that is lifelong.
At sea, we are living the tropical life;
I am in love with you, my darling wife.


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