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 Passion Fruit

Secretly growing in my heart's garden;
Hidden beneath the vines and flowers.
Finding a small, beautiful fruit yesterday;
I weeded it and opened it to the sun's light.

From what seed has this fruit sprouted;
Unique, colorful; my mouth waters.
My imagination embraces this plant;
As another, then another begins to grow.

Spreading quickly throughout my garden;
My simple attention like the spring rains.
I pick a ripe orb and take it to my mouth;
Not even waiting to wash off Nature's soil.

That first bite, delectable juices exploding;
Sweet and tart; very unique is this flavor.
I am compelled to take another bite;
Sucking every drop of the tasty goodness.

Devouring the fleshy meat of this fruit;
Licking my fingers after wiping my chin.
My head spins slowly while my soul dances;
Intoxicated by this fruit of a life lived.

Desiring to pick another, seconds I want;
But patience enters my heart from my soul.
Tomorrow, oh tomorrow, I will eat tomorrow;
Another delicious piece of life's passion fruit.


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