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 Truth Revealed

The truth has finally been revealed
All my questions are now resolved
When I contacted agency on Friday
They heard from company Thursday

I had asked again about website listing
This week they had revised job posting
Now title matched exactly with agency
Positions are the same no discrepancy

Earlier I received opposite information
Being told it was not the same position
Now informed companies use an agency
And job boards for candidate diversity

They also said I am still being considered
While that news was greatly appreciated
With the 45-50 hours and minimal travel
Both I do not feel I could physically handle

When I saw Saturday hours on their website
I should have asked the agency for insight
Hours were involved in the position before
Both apparently not what God had in store

There is another position with same agency
But I am proceeding slowly and cautiously
The job description seems to closely match
With 40+ hours, I want to find out more facts

I also have an appointment this next Tuesday
With a new agency for temporary data entry
They said I passed online assessment testing
Another door of opportunity by His blessing

Some people may think I am being too picky
Making up excuses or even acting foolishly
I believe God provides details along the way
As evidence and signs of His leading each day

Carol S. 8/20/11

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