once upon a time

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Standing on the shoreline wondering,
Shall I take the final step and go to Australia.
Future here in Ireland's bleaker  than bleak.
No work, no money, no home, jobless.
Seems a no brainer so lets go to Australia.

Can’t stand here all the time gazing eastwards.
Got to make a move and go over there
Wonder what over there is like
Never been anywhere but here.
Go. That’s all I hear. Nothing left here.
Truth be told there never was anything here.
Only dole and pitiless employers.

Decision made. I’ll go over there and see
what’s in Great Southern land.
Asia's the place to be. China new economy, 
World leader. Nothing left in the west.
It will be difficult and different over there.

Start anew though don’t know anyone 
When all you have to sustain you is the dole
No one here wants to know you.
That’s it, decision made
I’m going to pack my bag
Settle over there in:- AUSTRALIA

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