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She spoke to me in Swedish
A language I didn't understands
But I was mesmerised by
The movement of her hands
As she tried to mime her meaning
Seemingly at a loss
To think of other ways
To get her message across

I spoke back to her in English
Every word slow and clear
Saying she was beautiful and
I was so glad she was here
And she tossed her long hair
Back and off her face
Every single movement
Full of style and grace

And suddenly I realised
She brought on a sense of need
And I knew how much I wanted
To caress this lovely Swede
But I am old school British
And our emotions don't show
And being a foreign lady
How on earth would she know

So I took her guide book from her
And pointed out to her the way
And when she understood
Bid her a polite good day
She smiled at me in gratitude
Having got the directions right
And swiftly walked away as
 I watched her flow gracefully out of sight

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