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Haters Can't Wait II (Sports)

Haven't you heard
we're giving these haters
what they deserve
with these superb curves
in these simple words
just to get these haters lit,
This Green and Gold killa kit
still got these haters sick
We're still controlling them
with this handler's bit
Haven't y'all heard yet?
  We're packed
with this power attack
Knocking them out
then bringing them back
with a series of little smacks
and these haters 'bout to have a fit
We got'em face down
on the ground,
Making these clowns frown
all over town
Leaving them with a nervous tic
So here's the definition of this deposition
with a strong premonition
if you just listen
for the long phrase
or a short preposition to finish
this mission
by roasting y'all in the kitchen
and leaving you dazed
This is a Green and Gold transition
so we don't need ya'll permission
to take over your position
and smoke ya'll in this blaze
So pump your brakes or it's on
in this no hatin zone
Where we're busting heads made of stone
and sending the whole stack back
with this sad song
in the pack
If you can't stand this pressure
then get out this heat,
Got'em shaking and twisting in their seats
Y'all whole team went down in defeat
Here's your's time to eat

Copyrights 2011
Robert Anthony James

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Haters Can`t Wait II (Sports)