The soul has much to say


Smoke rises
from my ears
My brain is
well done
Self assessment
makes me cringe
Every thought
evolving into
neon conjecture
My current state
during this most
peaceful time
Still waters you might say
I'm getting older
as are my stumbling blocks
An era of foolishness
has come to an end
It's about substance now
A year
365 days
to get back here
Here meaning acceptance
Gods' perfect will
My arms were once
wrapped around His
plan for me
until I let go
I'm not meant
to cradle dreams
Often times
I'm an intruder
Coveting the visions
of other men
Embracing all things
as truth
Anything to be fulfilled
Usually I speak
of finding love
losing love
imagining love
I've only been
in love once
It was the only
incomparable time
of my life
The loss of
two children
A failed marriage
years later
What doesn't kill you
makes you stronger
In all honesty I'm
tired of being Superman tired
Don't mistake this
for an outpouring
of ill conceived
The external
battles are over
The war internal
has been won
The indifferent taste of victory
I accept all that
has befallen me
What else can
I do?
my today
my tomorrow
is by choice not by hand
The willingness
to see things
for what they
truly are
The strength to
make the most
out of something
bland or insidious
Your path is your path
No matter what
direction I run
No matter who
I want with me
I always come back
to where I must be
A place void of what
makes man thrive
Bliss and I...imperfect together

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