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All Fall Down

The Berlin wall, built fifty years ago,
And twenty two years since it fell
Releasing millions from their
Socialistic style imprisoned hell,
To flock West in their Traubies,
Noisy and belching exhaust smoke
Their hard earned pride and joy
 But, to the affluent Westies, a joke.

I was there in sixty two;
Saw it a grey concrete
With Check Point Charlie
Splitting in half a street,
Heard some of the tragedies
Of those trying to escape
Refusing to be held by this
Form of intellectual rape.

Then Glasnost and Perestroika
And, even though Gorbachev fell
Thanks to his example
Soon after the Curtain did as well.
Now the Wall is just a memory
Recalled from half a century past
And try as hard as I can I can't
Understand how they went so fast.

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All Fall Down