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 From the Heart Through the Pen

She Pushes; I Pull

She pushes me away
I pull her back
She pulls up her walls
I'm pushing through her door
It's locked, though I have the key
I'll be the gentleman
And wait for her to be able to see…

From the Heart Through the Pen
Has never seen a flow so steady
Beauty, never so hard has she hit me
Getting those pressure points
With such precision; such accuracy
Leaves me numb and weak while she
Creates inspiration which makes me wonder…

Has her heart ever had a hero
Someone who did more
Than make her temperature rise
Someone who made her heart
Squeal in delight,
Beat wildly, smile shyly
The minute he caught her eyes

Has she ever created beautiful music
I mean made that good love
The kind that when she got to the car
It's not the bass but her heart thumping
Reliving ever single moment
Passion still stirring
Making her go back to that door and open it

More importantly, has she found
Someone who when she's broken down
Will help clean and clear the ashes
Find the wick; reignite a flame
Though he has no matches
Climb in by her side; take her hand
Let her know he's in for the ride

Someone who can show her
The meaning of a love that's true
Show she's well worth the wait
While she hesitates, searching for a clue
Someone who gently looks in her eyes
Captures her attention and says
Krazy Beauty, I'm talking about you

She pushes herself
While I'm pulling her up
She's pushing her heart
While I'm pulling her to me
A moment not to be erased
Eventually the timing will become right
And we'll finally find our place

¥☼MOI☼¥  28 Aug 11

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