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Reminiscing In the Misery

Things aren't progressing
this got me reminiscing
in the misery  
Waiting for my plans
to come save me
I got to work harder and smarter
How could this be?
Life's a teacher of many lessons
These heavy bills are real
Here she comes
with her aggression
to test me
Where are the promises and blessings
in this paper thin den?
Hell's blowing in the wild wind again
and these trials got me stressing
Where are my friends?
Seeds sown in history  
are eating us up in misery  
The pressure in me just won't let it be
Wish I could, believe me
But I got to struggle today
and hope for tomorrow
enjoy the happiness, learn from past sorrows
before it all ends
Maybe I'll finally see the true beauty
in this big blue sea
when the power of true liberty
set my shackled eyes free
This got me
reminiscing about the crazy things we did
when we were kids,
We didn't think twice about what we done
Life was twice as fun
Now sometimes I rather live in my dreams
than go through these endless routines,
Put together my own team
so I can understand what it all means
under the sun
With young desirable scenes
my determination lied
Nobody told us life would be so cruel  
trying to survive
on this rodeo ride
So people are out here doing what they do
I'm not here to judge, I'm thinking,
that could've been me too,
Reminiscing in the misery
before it's all said and done

Copyrights 2011
Robert Anthony James

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Reminiscing In the Misery