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 I Question Life

This poem is wrote for my best friend Heather who's mum has recently been diagnosed with an inoperable
Brain Tumor. Sadly the prognosis isn't good and Heather and her family are spending every moment they
can with Jane. My heart and prayers are with you all! xx

A soul so strong made so weak,
A voice so loud struggling to speak,
A smile so bright now fading fast,
How much longer can her suffering last?

A lady of strength
Now needing to rest,
Why does life bring the cruelest conditions,
And lay them on the best?

Too hard to understand,
To difficult to see,
The heartbreaking deterioration,
Happening in front of me.

A rose grows and blooms,
Then stands proud and bright,
Then once it's time has ended,
It gives into the fight.

This lady I know,
Is one of life's rarest flowers,
Now time has decided,
To limit her life to only a few hours.

To take away the future years,
She once looked forward to seeing,
We don't yet know how long,
We have with this beautiful being.

Days are a bonus,
When we get through one with success,
When that is to be stopped,
It's up to Destiny to guess.

I question life at times,
With a heavy feeling inside,
Why life has to be cruel,
And why only the best die?

It's not something I can answer
Or pretend to understand,
I suppose life is in charge
We live to it's demand.

And when the time comes,
That we lose one of our best,
Jane lived life to the fullest,
And will have gone to Heaven to rest.

God send healing to her family.
I hope her time left here is fulfilled,
With precious moments she can remember,
As her family and friends always will.

My heart and prayers are with you,
I think of you all every day,
When the day begins and then ends,
I send thoughts and hugs your way!

Vicki Wroe, 21. (C)

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