The soul has much to say

Anthem of Surrender...

I envision you
crying in the dark
Tears falling like
stars at night
Often my mind
creates a window
One where I see
your delicate face
Tasting your lips
I'd almost forgotten
such warmth
such tenderness

Memories roll through my
mind like a runaway train
Sometimes I find myself

laughing...sometimes I'm quiet

I can still hear
your heart beating
All I have to do

is listen to my own

Don't know why these
words came out today
My spirit is at ease

but my pen is anxious

I can still see you
trying to capture
that fawn on film

You looked so beautiful

The backdrop of the
West Virginia hills
Perfect afternoon shared

with a blue butterfly

My favorite time of
year is approaching
Soon crisp mornings

will become chilly evenings

Hot apple cider
pumpkin spices
and fallings leaves

are almost here

It won't be the same
without your rosy cheeks
to kiss and your soft hands

to hold

Please understand I'm
not intruding on your life
It's just my soul

thinking out loud

...always praying for you

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Anthem of Surrender...

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