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Simply Tuesday morning, a day just like the ordinary
But to some Lucifer’s hearts,
It's planned to be a day in hell
And continues to be a hellish memory to some.

Yeah, America Remembers!
A morning that goes the opposite
When the sun overtaken by cloudiness
And darkness spreads onto her land.

Yeah, America Remembers!
A morning that turns out to be
A deadly viper assassination squad.
That serves thick blood on a plate, and tears in a mug for breakfast.

Yeah, America Remembers!
A morning that rips many families apart.
and hold many hearts in sorrow
And lead many children to the orphan world.

Yeah, 9/11/01
America falls onto her knees.
It's as if the sword of Zeus is planted into her heart
Oh she weeps and weeps
The tears that fall from her eyes look like the river of the unknown gods.

Oh terrorists!
You strike my land but I'm not destroyed
You shed my children blood
But most are standing tall and vigilant

You must know
With my torch holding up high
I am who they say I am
My road is illuminating for life to come.

© 2011 by _Patricia Etienne
All rights reserved

***In memory of those who lost their lives on that tragic day may their souls be at peace, and a tribute to all who stood tall on that day your compensation is forever cherished.***

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***America Remembers***



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