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 Wisdom of the Trail

Running along a mountainous trail;
My awareness honed on my footfalls.
Rocks, roots, and rutted terrain;
Focus on the elevation, on placement.
Presence is demanded in this challenge;
While surrounded by nature's professors.
 Learning about myself; my heart, my soul;
I am taught the wisdom of the trail.

Time becomes a false creation of mankind;
You never hear the trees ask what time is it.
The trail is never the same, always changing;
Challenging, demanding, embracing, loving.
Peace enters my soul as I run gently along;
Unity with the creation, belonging for eternity.
Choosing my path at each crossroads;
Destiny is touched by the wisdom of the trail.

Trail companions become a part of the fabric;
Woven into the tapestry that tells my story.
Friendships beyond boundaries of civilization;
Becoming bother, sister, mother, father.
The light of my heart reaches out to touch;
The earth receives with joy this gift of love.
Relationships unfettered by convention;
We each learn from the wisdom of the trail.


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