Here come the scary days
When anxiety fills you up
As you try to ignore it
And do something better
Than worrying

It's the days your electric bill is due
And you wonder how you are going to pay
Praying they give you another 48 hours
To get to Helping Hand for help

Because you are so afraid
That the wolf at the door
Will break through
And eat up all the sweet meat of your soul
So you fight off the demons
You work at home and pray for better times
As you think of ways
To get back to the person you once were

We all have scary days
Filled with worry
About choices we have made
That were not the best for us
We go on anyway
Trying to forget our pain
Trying to be kind to others
It is the way of the heart
We all have a heart
As well as that pit
In the middle of us
That says, just go on
Please know I can feel your worry
As I can feel mine
And if we talk about the scary days
The fearless days will come back to shine!

8/22/2011 1543PDT cj

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