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Krazy Beautiful

What I saw was that gleam
Had me believing I was in a dream
Longing for reality
How wrong I was
How right she are
Since the second my gaze
Locked sight with those amazing stars

I tasted her lips
Knew I'd never want anothers'
The passion she stirs
Knew I'd never find a cure
I felt a tender touch
She reached through my chest
I'll never forget what happened next

She showed me so many things
Things I've never experienced
My fingers traced the scars
Where there used to be wings
She gave me a tour of her heart
Some rooms never trespassed
Others completely torn apart

Was a guest in her mind
Traveled through time
Glimpsing varieties of love and pain
Moments I wondered
How did she remain so sane
Her pride and joys appeared
Now it all makes sense

Suddenly realizing how far I've come
I sense her fear; me being so near
Now she would like me to leave
She wants me to forget
But little does she know
I already know this dream is real
To me she's perfectly imperfect

She pushed hard; I've fallen
This I know for certain
All I've met and there are none comparable
What she may hope but won't change
Is never have I seen or felt
Completely outside and in
Someone so Krazy Beautiful

¥☼MOI☼¥  3 Aug 11

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Krazy Beautiful