Melissa A. Howells

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 I Was Like A Child?

I was like a child
who could only understand
simple things.
Mind unformed
a tangle of twisted
to be redirected
so that the pendulum
of my mind could swing
in their direction.
Their predilection
was to mold me like
a piece if dirt.
But dirt crumbles.
And I did not.
I was not humble.
I was
not what they
I was angry.
I asked questions a lot.
Even if I often went unheard.
I dismissed them with a shrug-
I heard my own words
comforting me in my head.
I would be my best friend instead.
Which is the way I think it should happen.
Skin so tough
I become a rhinoceros.
But below it lies tender flesh with cracks
paired with unsharpened tusks.
I let people in,
but it was not must,
only when it was my choice.
And we did have fun.
And they liked me
for my special voice.
Which is how it should be.
Was I like a child
I think not.
Well, perhaps, I am now

Copyright September 20 2011
All Rights Reserved by the Author.

Melissa A Howells of Tilt-a-World/Meloo

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