The soul has much to say

Vanishing within the Dawn...


I want to see
what's beyond
the horizon

Excuse my curiosity

It appears for
me to do so
I must do it


Looking at my hands
as the memory of
holding a butterfly

comes to mind

The sun shines in
my pools of brown
Reflecting the best

of me

I believe my Lord when
He says "I will care for you"
and still He grieves

on my behalf

Accepting what will
never be as my dreams
continue the fight

without me

Wisdom of an old mentor
Morning and evening
won't cease just because

my heart wants to

I'll always remember
her eyes of icy blue
Tears so sweet

so refreshing

The dawn is calling
Time to find out
what's lies within

the outer realm

Maybe I'll return


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Vanishing within the Dawn...

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