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A New Beginning

To  stretch yourself and ask for a little more, after-all you are all you ever got,
To hold on to a few who stuck by and welcome some who will come by,
To let go of few who never valued you, and some because it was never meant to.
To never never give up when it matters, life is never served on a platter,
To take some of your biggest risks today, because you never know how long is your stay.
To look forward to the birth of some new hopes, to surface some hidden dreams that once eloped,
To finish successfully whatever you ever started and remember dreams are not to be parted.
To never compromise on what you believe,eventually that will lead to everything that you will receive,
To enjoy whenever you get a chance, to sing your song and dance your dance,
To build a happy tomorrow that lasts, and to be glad the struggles were all in the past,
 Always stretch yourself and ask for a little more after-all you are all you ever gotů

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A New Beginning

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