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He left his card on the table by the door
Wiped both feet so as not to soil the floor
Taken to the drawing room receiving place
Where he was greeted with a style and grace
Sat there to chat for a little while
In the very best good society style
His hand went off course by less than an inch
To brush against her knee but she didn't flinch
Just continued pouring the smoky Earl Grey
Speaking of the weather and events of the day
He raised his face to look her straight in the eye
And very deliberately ran his hand along her thigh
She calmly held his gaze for a second or so
Until they both felt it was time for him to go
At the entrance he retrieved his hat and cane
And strode off manfully down the little lane
Through the window she watched him depart
Having carefully eased the nets slightly apart
And she hoped it wouldn't be long until when
He presented his card and called on her again
She rang the bell and the maid almost unseen
Cleared away any trace that anyone had been

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