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For some strange reason
Older women seemed to think
They had a sacred mission
To make me cut down my drink
Until in the end,
To try and save face,
I started to change and vary
My usual drinking place.

It was as though a veil had just lifted from my eyes
As I suddenly became aware, began to realise
I was making love with a stranger in that stranger's bed,
Moving to the rhythm of the pounding in my head.
From the noises she was making I was doing just fine
Her breathing reaching and matching the tempo of mine.
I vaguely recalled chatting in a strange bar
Seemed to remember climbing into a car
Then another blank until I was there,
Kissing and cuddling on every single stair.
Lying there spooned warm and held cuddled
Head still throbbing mind still befuddled
I tried to think of her name, I owed her that at least
But then once again we made the two backed beast.

She dropped me back at camp
Just out of site of the gate;
I made works parade
Without being late.
Not long after that
I eased up on the drinking game
Scared I didn't know where I'd been
Or even knew her name

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