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Maybe we'd feel alot more peaceful and be a
happier lot with less densely packed brain matter.
Everyone wants to downsize.
Perhaps even our brains need downsizing.
Think if we could dummy ourselves down to the
brain capacity of a puppy.
Maybe we'd be happier,
smile more often and mean it.
Sustain a joyful glow to overwhelm and disarm other people and animals.
To transfer sincere affection to those around us
like the reunion of long lost best friends.
Wouldn't that be nice?

No need for collaboration of gifted chemists, engineers, or biologists,
building better killing machines, earth
diggers, blasters, sifters, movers or chewers.
I'd love to witness laptops being used
as heating pads for sore muscles after
a day of playing kick the can or skipping rope
Forget job shortages.
There would be ample work for us
in factory or field working in teams.
To find peace in a job well done
Work that links us to fond memories of family togetherness.
There'd be no lock-outs, walk-outs, strikes
surveillance cameras
forklift casualties, theft,
arson issues burning workplaces or homes down.
no disgruntled students or
employees shooting up classrooms,
job sights, or nightclubs

No gun toting security attaches
or motion detectors
Because everyone would have just enough.
theft would not enter into our heads.

Let's re-draw the drawing board and come pencil in a simpler time...
Have a soda shop with three choices of soda
Dr. Pepper. Coke and Mountain Dew only two choices of coffee
Maxwell House and Folgers.
Get rid of the idea that everything's an exact science.
It isn't a hard science, a barista.
How hard is it to boil water. Then dissolve our coffee crystals
Instant coffee tastes pretty good to me.
What is coffee but
crushed coffee beans boiled in water.

If our brains were smaller, we could
travel about without passport, because there'd be no borders
Just a coalition of the forgetful and the loving
smiling laughing running skipping
and playing.
The world would be as it looks from outerspace, a shared space.

So, go out and ride bikes wagons and trikes,
you might want to place a bell on the handlebars,
maybe a playing card, or two, clicking on the spokes.
No jails, courts or lawsuits
no guilds or secret societes. And few if any state secrets.
Instead of video games or Cable T.V.

we could put on puppet shows
or make animals with our hands and fingers against shadows on the wall
Is it a stretch to say Sex-Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll
and even needlepoint, especially needlepoint
has failed us miserably. With it's corresponding propensity for
gratuitous violence, drunken, and drugged up mayhem and perfectionism.
The same goes for sports. There is too much competition and
contentiousness. How about cooperation, acceptance and serenity?
We could instead be satiated
with what has been laid down before us at our table.
let's savor our peas carrots spinach,kale,
beans,rice, pasta, and fruit
and not seek richer fare.
Since when has cooking become an art form
With angry chefs on the tube
throwing food
at novice upstarts

I know how
to make and season food How to chop, grind,slice,
brown,broast, season, turn on a burner and boil liquid
That's all I really need
No need for fancy labeled wines,
when there's cold well water.
We could then all sit in our favorite chair
while watching squirrels or birds
nesting in our favorite tree
friends could skip or bike over
we'd play tag or swing on the swings.
To be truly grateful for
any little pleasures life has given us.
Are we so saavy that happiness eludes us.
Maybe getting simple stupid will save us, since smart ass serious
can gobble up the simple goodness of living.

Copyright October 7, 2011 All Rights Reserved By Author

Buddy Bee Anthony

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