The soul has much to say

Blue Moon...

Wonder fills my eyes
Watching them dance
A magical descent
from on High

I sit and wait
and wait...and wait
till the rarest
of leaves falls

upon my dreams

Crisp edges
Falling perfection
amidst brilliant foliage
Beautiful blue

My stare holds
the tender pilgrim
Gently guiding it
to its destination

Here comes the wind
with mischievous intent

Autumn has been reborn
time and time again
Today I immortalize
one of its own

In a place close
to my heart
I keep this symbol
of exquisite sensuality

The sun is going down
Time for apple cider
and a sweet treat
sent from home

I'll have the music
playing tonight
Maybe a little
1982 review

Before ending my
prayers with a whisper
I'll hold the leaf against
the glare of the moon

It'll be a blue moon...indeed

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Blue Moon...

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