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Father of Forgiveness

When I fell, you helped me rise.
When I was blind, you opened my eyes.
When I was poor and feeling lost,
You sheltered me, and paid the cost.

Frightened and alone in this veil of tears,
You comforted me, and calmed my fears.
The very best of me, I owe to you,
No friend could be closer,no brother more true.

I wandered aimlessly, lacking focus,
Then you guided me, and provided a locus.
My needs seemed limitless, my resources few.
Then you took my burdens, and paid my due.

Words can scarce describe the debt of gratitude I owe.
Yet words will have to do, as I try my best to show
Your great mercy and compassion, to those I meet each day
Until you call me home, forever with you to stay.

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Father of Forgiveness