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Autumn is coming, autumn is coming
This is my favourite season
It is so beautiful and tranquil
I have been waiting for this time of the year,
But when is autumn?
I know it starts in the third week of September
And lasts till third week of December
What is so special about autumn?
Is it because it is before winter or
Is it after the summer or
Is it due to its forte?
What is so special about autumn?
Is it because of the warmth it brings or
Is it because of the colour it spreads?
What does autumn mean to me?
For me autumn means a lot of rain,
A garden full of leaves from trees
Shorter days and darker nights
Cold breeze and white clouds
And the descend of the winter season
Why do Americans refer to this season as "fall"?
Is it due to the number of leaves that fall?
On the ground from the trees
With brown, red, orange and yellow leave
Carpeting beneath people's feet.
Then I felt I am so lucky because
I live in a country where I can enjoy
And I can experience every bit of this season
And I wish everyone a very bright and beautiful autumn
Dolly Bhaskaran 19/09/11 (215)