once upon a time

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Are we ever to be taken serious
when we make a statement, or an enquire.
we joke, make light of issues we would
rather defend, that's when we are at our most serious.

A state of mind unseen and unnoticed. After all
he is making a joke in'st he. Pity is that the joke is on
the jester. Real life serious statements couched
in nonsense to poke fun, running away from his beliefs.
Look at the jesters, need we not question the old axiom
that it takes a wise man to play the fool.
 This or that fact is stated, substantiated by reality,
but then we hear you're joking. You're not serious
because, the reality is to extreme, it beggars belief.
Then, we and our truths, the facts:
That we live in a world plundred
by conglomerates.
It is safer in life to be taken as a fool.
Difficult to convince even ourselves, that we
are all on the road to perdition.
Lets joke on this grim trip to hell.


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