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 A Young Love Lost

Over a half of century ago.
Oh! Why did I let her get away?
We were young and naïve,
she cried, and said, she had to
go her individual way.

There are no words worthy of a lost love,
the days turn to weeks, and the weeks to
months and then to years, but time has
not stop my aging tears.

After all these years, I still look for her
on the crowed city streets…if only, by
chance, our eyes might once again meet.

The sands of time quickly sift through the
preverbal hourglass. Now the gray in my
hair and the pains in my aching bones tell
me it's too late, our time has passed.

What has been, has been and nothing can
change that, but the love in my heart will
never change, she will always be my first
love and last.

Now time is beginning to stand still,
the days of yesteryear have come
and gone, but I can still see that smiling
young girl of sixteen across that field,
so green.

Now in the autumn of my life, I still wish
she would have consented to being my
teenage wife.

But, it was not to be, you see… sad,
for soon I shall be,  just dust in the wind,
and a young love forever lost is surely a sin.

Forever yours

Jackie R. Kays

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