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 From the Heart Through the Pen

Before you judge, hate or love me
Do me a favor and get to know me…

If you lost love
Please believe I’m willing to replace it
If you’re lost, love
Set your mind at ease
For if you’re in need of a path
I’ll create it

If I ask you to stay the night
Just restoring memories after she erased them
You see, you’re not the only to hurt
The only to give your all
While they give theirs in spurts

Don’t get me wrong
My love is tender yet fierce
May not be falling
Yet I do find sanity in its healing
Your jewelz aren’t the only to be revealing
But definitely right now appealing
I’m talking illuminscent

So sing to my soul forevanescence
As I enjoy the words surrounding your melody
Years from now this I’ll be reminiscing
Whether you be a star from Emerald City
Or a Brown Eyed Beauty

A moment frozen in time
Please trust I truly am humble but
Wouldn’t be the first time
I made a believer in miracles

Though I don’t believe in false oracles
I believe in angels
Which means I believe in you
Beauty not something that can be forged
They’re trying to trap you
While you I want to set free
By opening doors

About the time
You helped a loser find a keeper
Graced me with your presence
Connecting the pieces to this puzzle
Perfecting the design to this picture
Accentuating your gorgeous features

Well let me stop this rambling
Just wanted to give you a sample and um
Spill thoughts circling this mind
For reasons I can’t define

Wanting to do much more
To remind you of all you represent
What one person couldn’t possibly deserve
Yet I must remember what I came here for
And here I thought I was No Longer A Believer in
Heaven Sent
Where do I get the nerve

¥☼MOI☼¥ 17 Oct 11

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