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 As The Hourglass Turns

As the hourglass, turned weeks, into months, it seems like years
my Johnnie has been gone, bitter tears stain my aging face, as I think
of my Johnnies smiling grace.

 Oh! How we both loved those early days together, playing, laughing,
 in the sunshine, in a land  called;  Hana-lei., with  Puff the Magic
 dragoon,  Poo bear and Mickey too…you see!

 Then the hourglass turned.

No one will ever know the exchange of love from father to son,
 and son to father. The young years of, camping, treasure hunting
 baseball, swimming holes and fishing  poles.

 Then the hourglass turned.

Then came; "Can I use the car tonight, dad?"
Girl friend, drive-in movies, football games
of his might High-school  team.
Then the hourglass turned.

Marriage, business, work and more work,
together we  sustained, not a day, were we
apart. Bar B-Q's, in the back yard, trips to
Vagas, the Gulf coast, all was well, we
thought, until, off guard we were sadly

 Then the hourglass turned.

 The years quickly passed, one day, my Johnnie
fell ill, cancer took his will, then his young life.
I live on, a shell of an old man, broken hearted,
without my Johnnie to fallow my path.        

Then the hourglass turned.

What's left… sweet memories of yesteryear,
my Johnnie and me,  still laughing and playing
  in the land, called; Hana-lei.

Jackie R. Kays                             Foot- note; My Johnnie was fifty-one years old.
© 2011                      

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