Tattoos in Mayberry

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You don't want to hurt the way I'm hurtin.
Pull these daggers from this heart of mine.
The day's long past since my show's final curtain.
To scrounge a short piece of somethin
I have to wait in line

I drink to soothe my pain away.
A Maker's Mark to end my day.
Again, I dream a dream of you
so very far away

What are you dreaming of
or do you lie awake at night?
Firefly, you do the town.
and all the crowds you gather round.
With the spotlight on you so blinding.
Is it peace in your masterpiece you're finding?
If the heavens again, should part the sea.
if your heart light fell on me
Would you share a cup of coffee
take a second glance at me?
Cut a better deal between us
than two for you
and one for me?
Would you turn your light down low?
Or burn white hot
to dim my glow?
This is inside information,
I would truly like to know.
Won't you stay a while longer
before flying off to your next show?
Firefly what happens now?
Will you burst with pride, be bold
When all the glitter isn't gold?
Does it matter anyhow?
Sing it loud, do us proud.
Key of G, 6/8 time.
Firefly, drop some rhyme
oh how you

Buddy Bee Anthony
and Melissa Howells

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